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Photogem is an exciting new range of bespoke jewellery that truly captures your special moments. Described as a modern take on an old-fashioned locket, Photogem offers a stylish and eye-catching way to keep your loved ones close.

Photogem was designed and created by Cotswold-based portrait photographer, Anne-Marie Randall (, as a way for clients to show off their newly shot images. The jewellery ranges proved so popular that Anne-Marie decided to offer a dedicated Photogem service alongside her photography work.

Each Photogem is hand-crafted by artisan jewellers in England and finished in the Cotswolds.  They are available in a choice of finishes and come supplied on hand-crafted leather wrap bracelets, dainty chains or pendant chain necklaces.

Simply upload a picture you love, and let Photogem do the rest!